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fused glass, Artisan Pink Purple Fused Dichroic Glass Kitty Cat Hypo-allergenic Niobium Dangle Earrings Feline Kitten Dichroicat



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Description:Pink pu dichroic glassrple pattern mu dichroic glasslti layer dichroic glass earrings. Earrings have mu dichroic glassltiple shades of lavender pu dichroic glassrple and pink shaped into a cat face. They have dark eyes, a dichroic nose and black and white whiskers.A totally u dichroic glassniqu dichroic glasse design that are only for those who love cats. Su dichroic glassch fu dichroic glassn.20 gau dichroic glassge cu dichroic glassstom Hypo-allergenic pu dichroic glassrple anodized Niobiu dichroic glassm ear wires su dichroic glasspport bright sparkly fu dichroic glasssed dichroic glass earrings.Glass is 5/8" long and ju dichroic glassst 5/8" wide and with the French hook style ear wires they hang 1 1/8" long.Really u dichroic glassniqu dichroic glasse and wonderfu dichroic glassl earrings. They have su dichroic glassbstantial 20 gau dichroic glassge French style Niobiu dichroic glassm ear wires . I am happy to su dichroic glassbstitu dichroic glasste sterling silverwires if you dichroic glass wish. Three layers of fu dichroic glasslly fu dichroic glasssed dichroic glass with a clear cap fu dichroic glasssed in my home stu dichroic glassdio u dichroic glasssing a compu dichroic glasster controlled kiln and fired at 1500 degrees. I stack patterned and textu dichroic glassred dichroic glass over one another to make a mu dichroic glassltilayered pieces of fu dichroic glasssed dichroic glass. Over the top is a layer of clear to enhance the effect of all this dichroic.Each pair of earrings will come with a gift box and be packed in a padded bu dichroic glassbble envelope first class mail.thanks for checking them ou dichroic glasst BarbaraMcCray stu dichroic glassdios cat earrings kitty earrings kitty cat earrings kitten earrings dangle earrings

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