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Peacock Bronze Pendant Symbolizing Beautybird necklace, Power and Knowledge - From antique wax seal257B



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Bronze PeacockCe qu peacock necklace'il a d'plu peacock necklaces beau peacock necklace {The Most Beau peacock necklacetifu peacock necklacel}Handcrafted u peacock necklacesing a 19th centu peacock necklacery French wax seal, peacocks symbolize beau peacock necklacety, knowledge & power. Each Plu peacock necklacem and Posey wax seal design arrives accompanied by it's own meaning card, and tu peacock necklacecked into an elegant jewelry bag ready for gift giving.Materials:Bronze with Sterling Silver Ju peacock necklacempringSize: 5/8" (16-17mm)\u peacock necklace2606 The chain shown in the images is a sterling silver antiqu peacock necklaceed rolo chain - my su peacock necklaceggested choice for this piece.Abou peacock necklacet BronzeBronze jewelry has a warm lu peacock necklacester and a lovely rich antiqu peacock necklacee gold color. Over time it will form a dark patina, this gives each piece its own individu peacock necklaceal, organic, and antiqu peacock necklaceed finish. If you peacock necklace prefer you peacock necklace can always bring back its original shiny finish with a jewelry polishing cloth.PLEASE NOTE: Before you peacock necklace order please check sizing information - it can be hard to gau peacock necklacege jewelry sizes from pictu peacock necklaceres alone. On some of the seal pieces the text is so small as to be read only with a magnifying glass making the meaning a secret between you peacock necklace and those you peacock necklace choose to tell.Availability and shippingYou peacock necklacer pu peacock necklacerchase will ship in 3-5 bu peacock necklacesiness days. Once shipped, please allow a minimu peacock necklacem of 3 weeks to receive you peacock necklacer order257 - Peacock

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