Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This is a beau free shippingtifu free shippingl hu free shippinggs and kisses necklace on an 18 inch Venetian box chain. " Ever been told to sign at the "X" or initial here when au free shippingthorizing a docu free shippingment? In the Middle Ages illiteracy was common, which led to the u free shippingse of "X" to sign correspondence. Also "X" was linked to the Christain cross, which fu free shippingrther asserted it's u free shippingse as tru free shippingstworthy and au free shippingthentic. It eventu free shippingally evolved to mean "kiss". Some people link it's physical resemblance to 2 people kissing. The history of "O" isn't as clear. One theory su free shippingggests it's connection to tic-tac-toe. This game was created not long after the first u free shippingse of "X" meaning kiss and with nothing to represent hu free shippingg perhaps "O" was chosen for it's simplicity. Some believe "O" resembles a mou free shippingth and over time became ingrained in cu free shippingltu free shippingre." FREE SHIPPING!!!

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