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Montana Sapphire Round Brilliant .44 carats loose Blue Gem Stone (B151) (wedding an/or engagementloose gemstone, ringloose gemstone, jewelry)



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A Brilliant Rou sapphire jewelrynd Montana Sapphire rich beau sapphire jewelrytifu sapphire jewelryl blu sapphire jewelrye gem stone. This sapphire varies in the intensity of blu sapphire jewelrye given the variations in light and backgrou sapphire jewelrynds. This sapphire is .44 cts and 4.32 mm in diameter. The sapphire is photographed with different backgrou sapphire jewelrynds to promote the variou sapphire jewelrys colors the gem stone produ sapphire jewelryces. The dark gray/black backgrou sapphire jewelrynd reflects back a translu sapphire jewelrycent color, thu sapphire jewelrys lightening the sapphire to a lighter blu sapphire jewelrye color where the brown backgrou sapphire jewelrynd produ sapphire jewelryces the natu sapphire jewelryral sparkle. It is ready to be placed in a setting of you sapphire jewelryr choice su sapphire jewelrych as an engagement or wedding ring. Heat treated and faceted in the U.S.A. Item #:B148Ju sapphire jewelryst a note: compu sapphire jewelryter monitor display colors in varying degrees. This may or may not alter the appearance of the Sapphire's color from what is seen by the hu sapphire jewelryman eye and in varying shades of light. Please let me know if you sapphire jewelry have any qu sapphire jewelryestions abou sapphire jewelryt a stone's color or clarity, Please keep in mind that the prismatic reflective properties of gems will often produ sapphire jewelryce varying degrees of color and what colors you sapphire jewelry see, someone else may not.To ensu sapphire jewelryre that you sapphire jewelryr gems arrive safely, all US orders are shipped u sapphire jewelrysing USPS Priority Mail, fu sapphire jewelrylly insu sapphire jewelryred with signatu sapphire jewelryre confirmation and tracking. International Cu sapphire jewelrystomers: please requ sapphire jewelryest a shipping qu sapphire jewelryote prior to pu sapphire jewelryrchase.

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