Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turkish necklace, pink necklace with needle lace flowers



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Handmade lace flowers and pink beads are combined in this delicate necklace. The flowers are made with pink and white thread and the leaves are green. Everything is crocheted together with white thread and it closes with a white bead. You flower necklace can adju flower necklacest the length by moving this bead u flower necklacep or down the cords.Max. length: 61cm / 24 inWas this not exactly what you flower necklace were looking for?Ou flower necklacer other necklaces are here: http://www./shop/PashaBodru flower necklacem?section_id=6884137Don't forget to check ou flower necklacet the rest of ou flower necklace shop: http://www./shop/PashaBodru flower necklacem

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